Travis J. Williams

Advancing Quantum Materials using neutrons


Travis Williams is an instrument scientist in the Spectroscopy Section at the High Flux Isotope Reactor, working on the HB3 instrument. He works in the Triple-Axis Group, which also operates the HB1A, HB1 and CTAX instruments. Dr. Williams obtained his B.Sc. in Physics from The University of Western Ontario in 2007, following which he pursued his graduate studies at McMaster University, obtaining his M.Sc. in 2009 and his Ph.D. in 2013.  He then joined ORNL as a Eugene P. Wigner Fellow, studying heavy fermion and ferromagnetic materials.  At the conclusion of his fellowship in 2016, he began his current position as an instrument scientist. His current research interests are in the areas of heavy fermion systems, particularly the hidden order system URu2Si2 and the cerium-based non-centrosymmetric magnets CeTX3.  In addition to his neutron scattering work, Dr. Williams also has an interest in materials synthesis and experiments using muon spectroscopy.

Curriculum Vitae

A full copy of my CV is available here.


(2018-2019) LDRD Seed Project: Laser Stripping for a Next-Generation Muon Source at the Spallation Neutron Source; UT-Batelle, LLC,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(2013-2016) Eugene P. Wigner Fellowship; UT-Batelle, LLC,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Recent Research Highlights


Report from the Inaugural Meeting on the Opportunities at the Seems Facility June 11–12, 2019

B.W. Riemer, C.R. dela Cruz and T.J. Williams. ORNL Report TM-2019/1441. January 2020.

Aczel PRB 2019

Revisiting the Kitaev Material Candidacy of Ir4+ Double Perovskite Iridates

A.A. Aczel, J.P. Clancy, Q. Chen, H.D. Zhou, D. Reig-i-Plessis, G.J. MacDougall, J.P.C. Ruff, M.H. Upton, Z. Islam, T.J. Williams, S. Calder and J.-Q. Yan. (2019). Phys. Rev. B. 99, 134417.

Aczel PRB 2018

Extended exchange interactions stabilize long-period magnetic structures in Cr1/3NbS2

A.A. Aczel, L.S. DeBeer-Schmitt, T.J. Williams, M.A. McGuire, N. Ghimire, L. Li and D. Mandrus. (2018). Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 032404.

Zakrew PRB 2018

Evolution of Magnetic and Orbital Properties in the Magnetically-Diluted A-Site Spinel Cu1-xZnxRh2O4

A.V. Zakrzewski, S. Gangopadhyay, G.J. MacDougall, A.A. Aczel, S.H. Calder and T.J. Williams. (2018). Phys. Rev. B. 97, 214411.

Williams PRB 2017b

Gapped Excitations in the High-Pressure Antiferromagnetic Phase of URu2Si2

T.J. Williams, H. Barath, Z. Yamani, J.A. Rodriguez-Riviera, J.B. Leao, J.D. Garrett, G.M. Luke, W.J.L. Buyers and C. Broholm. (2017). Physical Review B. 95, 195171.

Williams PRB 2017a

Hidden Order Signatures in the Antiferromagnetic Phase of U(Ru1-xFex)2Si2

T.J. Williams, M.N. Wilson, A.A. Aczel, M.B. Stone and G.M. Luke. (2017). Physical Review B. 95, 104440.

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